Dr. Hasman Joins Cannabix Technologies to Initiate Marijuana Breathalyzer Trials in Vancouver (MarketWired)

UF startup Cannabix Technologies Inc., developer of the Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer for law enforcement and the workplace, has announced that Dr. David Hasman has joined its scientific team to initiate trials in Vancouver, British Columbia. Dr. David Hasman is with Forensic Science and Technology at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and has been providing his expertise in the LC/MS/MS method for fentanyl and analogues for the B.C. Provincial Toxicology Centre in Vancouver.

Dr. Hasman received his Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from the University of California and was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia. Joining a Vancouver based laboratory he was involved in method development for therapeutic drug monitoring and was part of an effort to develop a mass spectral drug library for Agriculture Canada.

NovaBone Adds Irrigation Resistant Products to Portfolio of Active Bone Graft Substitutes (BusinessWire)

UF startup NovaBone Products, a leading biologics medical device company, has added NovaBone IRM and NovaBone IRM MacroPOR to its portfolio of biologically active bone graft substitutes.

NovaBone IRM, and NovaBone IRM MacroPOR optimize osteogenesis, uniquely signal and stimulate osteoblastic activity, and offer angiogenic potential. By design, both formulations are highly irrigation resistant with excellent cohesion and handling properties.

Sinmat Thrives on Electronics Manufacturing (Business Report of North Central Florida)

If you own a smartphone or a smartwatch, drive an electric or hybrid car, have a solar panel on your rooftop or have LEDs in your home, the odds are good that you have come into contact with technology impacted by UF startup and former Innovation Hub at UF resident Sinmat. Sinmat, a leading global manufacturer, supplies chip companies with specialized polishing products called Chemical Mechanical Polishing Slurries — a mixture of chemicals and nanoparticles that enable ultra-precision manufacturing of faster, cheaper and better electronic devices.

Polishing technologies like the ones created by Sinmat represent a growing $20 billion global industry and play a vital role in advanced materials manufacturing sectors such as clean energy electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, consumer electronics and advanced defense optical and electronic systems. Sinmat products are used extensively in the USA and exported worldwide. The manufacturing operations are currently very profitable as it seeks to reach a target of $100 million in sales in the next 5 years.

Breathtec BioMedical to Investigate Zika Virus Airborne Disease Detection (MarketWired)

UF startup Breathtec BioMedical, Inc., a medical diagnostics company focused on developing breath analysis devices for the early detection of infectious and life-threatening diseases, is forming an alliance and research agreement with ZeptoMetrix™ Corporation, an industry leader and innovator for infectious disease diagnostics and development. Plans include an exploratory study to identify biomarkers associated with the Zika virus. Breathtec BioMedical views the development of portable devices designed to screen individuals who may carry infections such as Zika at international points of entry as a significant opportunity for its technology. Available tests for infectious diseases are expensive and often require time-consuming lab testing delays.

Sharklet Bought by Peaceful Union to Accelerate Development of Medical Devices (Denver Business Journal)

Sharklet Technologies Inc., a UF medical startup now based in Colorado, said it has been acquired by Peaceful Union, a medical device firm based in Hangzhou, China.

Sharklet makes a textured product — also called Sharklet — that’s designed to inhibit bacterial growth on surfaces used in health care, such as catheters and wound dressings.

“The acquisition of the company will enable Sharklet Technologies to accelerate the development of Sharklet for medical devices where chemical-free bacterial inhibition is desired as well as high-touch surfaces prone to bacterial contamination,” it said in today’s announcement. “The company also will accelerate development of a newly enhanced wound dressing technology to encourage healing.”

ViewRay Presents Compelling Early Pancreatic Cancer Data with MRIdian System (PR Newswire)

UF startup ViewRay, Inc. shared highlights from ESTRO 36, the annual meeting of the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology, which featured broad clinical experience with the company’s MRIdian System, including compelling early data on its use in pancreatic cancer.

Sasa Mutic, Ph.D., from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, highlighted early retrospective multi-institutional data on pancreatic cancer treatments with MRIdian. The study compared SBRT treatments with and without on-table adaptive dose reshaping and found that delivering a higher biological dose, enabled by MRI-guided on-table adaptive radiotherapy, may lead to improved survival in locally advanced pancreatic cancer.

Entrinsic Health Solutions Completes Enrollment for Clinical Trial (PRNewswire)

UF startup Entrinsic Health Solutions, Inc., an innovative health sciences company dedicated to the development and commercialization of amino acid based medical foods to address critical digestive health, nutrition and hydration related health issues, has completed enrollment for its clinical trial for enterade®, “Pragmatic test of amino-acid mixture/enterade® for Gastrointestinal Toxicity in Cancer Therapy.” The study found that 78 percent of patients who took the product for 7 days or more reported a significant improvement in their side effects from cancer treatment.

ClickReady Offers Marketing Automation through UF Startup SharpSpring (PRWeb)

ClickReady Marketing is excited to provide its customers dozens of new digital marketing capabilities through UF startup SharpSpring’s marketing automation. In addition to behavioral-based email marketing campaigns, the software provides analytics that help create better landing pages, on-site forms, and visitor tracking.

SharpSpring is built to provide agencies like ClickReady with enhanced tracking and automation tools. Dynamic forms, third party CRM capability, and fully customized ROI reports allow marketers a better look inside which efforts are working best.

SharpSpring Explains Marketing Automation (MTA Martech Advisor)

In this interview with MarTech contributing editor Ginger Conlon, Andrew Dod, CMO of UF startup SharpSpring, emphasizes the need for companies to make decisions on a daily basis to ensure optimal utilization of allocated resources. He explains why marketers should accept the responsibility for post-sale communications and treat prospects as human beings rather than as opportunities to close deals.

Nanotherapeutics Transfers Human Vaccine Enterprise to Cyrus Poonawalla Group (Pharmabiz.com)

Nanotherapeutics Bohumil s.r.o., a wholly owned subsidiary of UF startup Nanotherapeutics, Inc. in Alachua, announced the final transfer of its vaccine production enterprise located in Bohumil, Czech Republic, to the Cyrus Poonawalla Group.

The enterprise agreement transfers a 150,000-square foot Biosafety Level-3 (BSL-3) capable manufacturing facility and other ancillary and support buildings located in Bohumil, Czech Republic, along with the existing employees, contracts, and other assets on a going concern basis, which Nanotherapeutics previously acquired from Baxter International in 2015. The BSL-3 facility was originally designed to manufacture seasonal flu, pandemic flu and other vaccines using Nanotherapeutics’ proprietary serum protein-free Vero cell platform technology. The arrangement includes a limited license to the Vero cell technology. Nanotherapeutics will retain all other rights to its Vero cell platform. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.