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Meridian Partners with Telehealth Resource (The Gainesville Sun)

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare sees a variety of patients in a variety of settings: clinics, stabilization units, recovering centers. With a new partnership, it will be able to expand its reach beyond walls.

It’s partnering with UF startup TAO Connect, a digital mental health resource platform designed for clinicians and patients.

The new way of delivering care makes for “high quality intervention” that’s more accessible, Meridian President and CEO Maggie Labarta said.

TAO Connect was created by Dr. Sherry Benton, a former director of the University of Florida’s Counseling and Wellness Center. Labarta said she knew Benton while Benton was at UF and planning TAO.

How Do You Stop Sunday Scaries? These 9 Solutions Can Help You Feel More Ready For Monday (Bustle)

Have you ever had a great weekend, only to be met with an achy feeling of unease and a pit in your stomach on Sunday evening? Do you dread the work week, and think about all your upcoming assignments, projects, and deadlines on a loop as the weekend comes to an end? If you nodded “yes,” you’re not alone: This feeling of nervousness or sadness that happens on Sunday nights, aptly dubbed the “Sunday scaries” (or, Sunday blues), is all too common. In fact, as CBS reported, a 2017 survey revealed around half of people around the globe experience Sunday scaries, and nearly 76 percent of Americans alone claim to experience this feeling.

Dr. Sherry Benton, founder and chief science officer of TAO Connect, a UF startup and a graduate company of The Hub, offers advice on how to address your Sunday scaries in this article.

TAO Connect Announced New Chronic Pain Management Course (Globe Newswire)

UF startup TAO Connect, a digital health company aiming to make mental health therapy more accessible, efficient and effective, announced the availability of its chronic pain course to transform the way patients manage their pain. The course helps patients learn more about how their condition works within the brain and also provides guidance in using behavioral strategies to manage it. It’s available through the company’s suite of online mental health tools and can be accessed through its self-help feature or with the support of a case manager or behavioral health provider.

TAO Connect’s program consists of 12 engaging online sessions educating its users about everything from the basics of medication and pain to the dangers of long-term use of opioids. The course explores research on alternative treatments such as massage, acupuncture and biofeedback, while also providing behavioral interventions such as cognitive-behavioral strategies, meditation, acceptance and commitment therapy and more.

ASU Partners with Online Therapy Service TAO Connect to Bring Better Resources to Students

In an effort to bring students better access to therapy and mental health support, ASU is working with TAO Connect to bring a digital therapy program to campus.

TAO, which stands for Therapy Assistance Online, provides online modules, exercises, journals and HIPAA compliant video conferences. The program also has an app that allows students to access the materials from their phones, as well as a notification system that includes “individualized reminders, suggestions, and encouragers,” according to TAO Connect’s website.

TAO Connect App is Playing a Role in Students’ Mental Health (Fox9 News)

A new app called Therapy Assistance Online — or TAO Connect for short — is aiming to offer mental health services to students who need them, all around the globe.

It’s a website and an app by UF startup TAO Connect that allows students to get help when they need it, without having to wait for a doctor’s appointment. TAO offers students 20-minute face-to-face sessions with counselors from the comfort of wherever they are, and that helps some people get around a fear of seeking out help in person. Psychologist Sherry Benton, a former counselor at the University of Florida created the program in response to an overwhelming need on campus.

TAO Connect CEO Offers Advice for Holiday Gatherings (Bustle)

While some of us look forward to family get-togethers during this time of the year, for some, Thanksgiving isn’t exactly the grand, joyous time it seems to be on Instagram or in the movies. If you have a toxic family or a toxic family member, you’re probably well aware of how a holiday gathering can be a disaster. So what’s the best way to get through Thanksgiving with your toxic family?

UF startup TAO Connect CEO offers some tips for handling family conflict during the holidays.

Reducing Mental Health Disparities Through TAO Connect’s Online Therapy (News-Medical.Net)

In this news story, reporter April Cashin-Garbutt interviews Dr. Sherry Benton, founder and chief science officer of UF startup TAO Connect. Benton created the TAO platform to expand the capacity of therapists to treat students, to augment effectiveness of the treatment, and to provide an online therapy option to reach populations who may not have access to on-campus care. She is a psychologist in both research and practice and has more than 25 years of clinical and research experience in counseling psychology and college student mental health.

TAO Connect Launches Mind Elevator Tool to Alter Thinking Habits Using Machine Learning Technology (MarketWired)

UF startup TAO Connect, a digital platform aimed at making mental health therapy more accessible, efficient and effective, with the University of Florida, announced the launch of its Mind Elevator technology helping therapy clients alter negative thinking habits, developing new neural pathways in the brain.

The Mind Elevator allows users to submit a thought or feeling, receive helpful feedback and begin practicing more positive ways of thinking. Once submitted, the algorithm evaluates the thought, via emoticons and color spectrums, and provides feedback and encouragement to alter each thought and make it more positive. As users continue to submit content, the program responds to the sequence of sentences through its machine learning technology, tracking the thoughts on a positive vs. negative scale and providing constant positive reinforcement. In turn, this helps users start developing new neural pathways to override previously involuntary negative thought processes.

Angel Investor Group Invests in TAO Connect (S. Fla. Biz Journal)

South Florida angel investor group New World Angels has invested follow-on capital in a St. Petersburg-based startup. Follow-on capital is an investment made by an investor that has given money to the company before.

The $460,000 investment will help fund UF startup TAO Connect’s expansion as it works to bring its digital mental health platform to private practitioners.

Study Shows Online Therapy Programs Are Effective (Yahoo! Sports)

A study conducted by UF startup TAO Connect, Inc. at a major university found that therapist-assisted, online programming showed benefits over traditional face-to-face, hour-long psychotherapy sessions for students. The study, titled “Therapist-Assisted, Online (TAO) Intervention for Anxiety in College Students: TAO Outperformed Treatment as Usual,” was recently published in the Journal of the American Psychological Association.

The study showed that the use of online assisted therapy contributed to symptom reduction, a better sense of well-being, higher life functioning, and improved mental health. The treatment combined elements including online education, practice tools and a 15-minute video conference session with a therapist, enabling therapists to see three students per hour instead of the traditional one student per hour.